• Michael Crane

    President & Co-Founder

    Michael, never much of a drinker due to a low tolerance, started homebrewing with sons. He brewed as a hobby that occupied his time and brought his family together. Eventually it would bring Michael into a larger community of homebrewers. Michael brewed what those around him enjoyed, focusing on the exotic brews that grabbed the attention of the beer nerds that gathered to discuss homebrewing once a month. He gained notoriety as he branched outside his local competitions and won awards nationally. Finally, he met the home brewers who would lead him to brewing as a career.

  • Chris Meyers

    Vice-President & Co-Founder

    Chris graduated from The University of Missouri­Kansas City with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. He has worked in Veterinary Medicine for almost a decade. Being a lover of craft beer and a homebrewer, he often considered opening a brewery. Having many supportive friends in the industry helped him develop a plan. When he met Michael Crane it became apparent that they enhanced each other’s efforts and that they needed to do it together. Chris has enjoyed using his business and laboratory experience in developing the brewery.

  • Jason Louk


    Jason is a partner with Marr and Company, PC, a public accounting firm in Kansas City, MO. His primary focus is tax and business advisory services and his industry experience includes manufacturing, professional services, non­profit organizations and employee benefit plans. He passed the Uniform Certified Public Accounting Examination in 2000 and has also completed the Accountant’s Ethics Examination. He graduated from The University of Kansas in Lawrence with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting and Business Administration.

  • Bryan Stewart

    Head Brewer

    Bryan brings many years of experience to his position as head brewery. His creativity, passion and drive keeps our beers relevant to the craft beer enthusiast as well as the casual beer drinker.

Penny Clevenger


Michael (Guapo) Hope

Taproom Manager



Photography by Chris Mullins