We are focusing our efforts on those wild and vibrant beers you all love so much. We want to bring you dry and rustic ales like those of Wallonia and the Senne Valley, fermented with your favorite little beasts in wood and steel after the style of the old country. In order to produce such wild and sour beers we will be harvesting yeast and propagating it in our in-house laboratory. We take traditional methods seriously, but we also have a few ideas of our own.

Crane Brewing Company is an American brewery inspired equally by both the bold craft beers of home and the rustic ales of Europe. We hope to fulfill the desire of our local metro for these exotic beers, and we hope beer lovers from near and far join us in Raytown, MO for a taste sometime. We strive to build on this grand tradition that never stays the same for too long.

Crane Brewing, Tradition Evolving.

Tours every Saturday at 2pm

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